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Overview:   This Privacy Policy is set in place to ensure consumers that Workflow International will not divulge to any third party, any private information which the customer freely gives our company such as e-mail addresses, name, phone number, address, or any other information required to use our services. Our purpose is to obtain only the necessary information required for use of our service, and we are fully committed to protecting that information from the public.
Information Usage:   Information which is collected during preliminary consultations such as e-mail, address, phone numbers, and any other company information is only disclosed to employees of Workflow International. All company information is stored in a secure database that abides by laws governed by the United States of America. Customer data is held solely within Workflow International's organization and may not be viewed by anyone other than Workflow International employees. This information is used to correctly and effectively carry out services requested and agreed upon by the customer.

Although all company information remains confidential as stated, Workflow International may chose to freely disclose the company name of the customer as a reference of past or present business. Workflow International may further request rights to disclose certain forms of contact information to prospective customer consultations or in marketing campaigns or case-study development. Any such contact information will only be disclosed with expressed consent of the customer.

We have an internal advertising division, which hosts company sponsored events and seminars. By attending any company hosted function, members and attendees agree to give us the rights to use information of their attendance for advertising purposes.

Visits on our website are tracked and monitored. Our website usage may be tracked in the form of cookies but our site will never install spyware or other software recording devices on a visitor's computer to track usage of other websites. Usage information is used to determine the interests of our visitors as well as their demographics so we may continue to provide the best service to our customers. Research data may be formulated using the IP address the customer uses to access our site. Members may delete cookies through their personal computer at their own discretion.

Information Disclosure:   In the event we are summoned to give personal information due to disputes between Workflow International and the customer or any other reason deemed by law, we must provide that information. We can not assure all personal information will remain unviewed in the case or third party piracy such as unlawful hacking or any other means for outside entities to steel information.

We do not use your company information to lend, sell, or rent to third party companies or organizations for any purpose. It is our goal to earn your business and keep your business, not to give it out to other sources.

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