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Our Workflow Audit enables the client to determine organizational needs, "what's going on" with content, how it's being used, as well as the processes required to create, publish, and store it.

The Workflow Audit is conducted on-site, web-based surveys, and off-site through telephone interviews with content experts, combined with a thorough analysis of the content. The Workflow Audit provides reports that comprise solid information you can use to effectively move forward with projects.

The Workflow Audit consists of the following:

  • Organizational needs analysis
  • Content life cycle analysis
  • Content Audit (review of your materials)

Organizational Needs Analysis
Before you tackle any content management project, it's critical to first identify risks, opportunities, strengths, as well as, goals you need to meet in order to be successful. The organizational needs analysis seeks to position your project for success in the context of your overarching organizational issues and goals. Identifying your organizational needs up front will ensure you are addressing the real issues of your organization, and will provide you with confidence that your strategy will meet or exceed customer needs.

Content Life Cycle Analysis
While identifying organizational needs is critical, it is equally important to examine your content life cycle in order to uncover areas in need of improvement. The content life cycle analysis identifies the issues associated with the creation, management, and delivery of your current content. Identifying the issues helps to determine the scope and functionality of your unified content strategy, define the criteria for selection of appropriate software tools, and define the processes that must be redesigned or created from scratch in order to support your organizational needs.

Content Audit
At the heart of a workflow strategy is content. Before you can model your content-and, subsequently, amalgamate it - you need to gain an intimate understanding of its nature and structure. After you see how your information is being used and reused, you can make meaningful decisions about how you may utilize technology to reduce expenses and increase efficiency. The purpose of a content audit is to analyze how content is used, reused, and delivered to its various audiences. You need to understand how information-as well as the processes to create it. During the content audit, we examine your content in order to identify opportunities for content reuse. The results uncovered during the audit allow us to recommend appropriate types of reuse, as well as strategies for accomplishing your project goals.

Customer Needs Analysis
Accurately understanding the information needs of your customers is the cornerstone of an effective workflow and content strategy. Knowing this information up front - before you tackle a content management project- directly affects your return on investment. In order to provide information of value to your customers, you first need to know who your customers are, what information they need, why they need it, how they would like to receive it, and any issues or concerns they have with your current information products. If you do not have this information before we begin The Workflow Audit, we can address this in the organizational needs analysis.

Tools Report
Selecting tools based on popularity or the opinions of others is risky business. Without a big picture view of your organizational requirements, a full understanding of the functionality of the software tools being considered, and a critical analysis of the impact selecting such tools may have on your organization, big mistakes are bound to occur. Our vendor-independent finding and recommendations reports are designed to help you select the tools (e.g., authoring, content management, workflow and delivery) that best match your unique criteria. We combine your requirements with our extensive selection criteria in order to recommend tools that will best meet your needs.

Return On Investment Calculation
The ROI Calculation report is designed to assist you in determining the potential return on investment for your organization. We'll need you to provide approximate financial figures (e.g., average salary, current costs, estimated potential reuse) in order for us to create realistic, meaningful return on investment data.

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